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MySpace & YouTube Videos Now Include Links To Sell Songs

MySpace has started a pilot program that lets people buy songs while watching a music video. At this point, there are only two bands and two ways to buy the songs, but this will definitely grow if this new way to sell music truly catches on. YouTube is trying something similar and the results, so far, has been positive as well.

You can watch the My Chemical Romance video to see how it works. The advertising banner is at the bottom of the screen and it looks like the format that MTV uses at the beginning and end of music videos. The difference being of course is that you have the option to buy.

This is going to end up on just about every song on myspace.  They are using a company called Auditude which has software that examines online music files, figures out what it is (including copyrights), and then, serves up relevant advertising.  Makes me wonder if the RIAA gave that company money.

This is another great music marketing trend for the unsigned musician or band because there’s no need to spend money on driving people to your web site in hopes of making a sale. People search through MySpace and YouTube looking for new music all the time. It would increase music sales if the listening public was able to buy a song on the spot. Why? Because it’s like impulse buying in the supermarket; you may not need it, but if something looks delicious and it’s right there, right in front of you, you will buy it before thinking about if you really need it. And that is a well test successful marketing strategy.

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