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Is Muzak Singing Its Swan Song?

Who would have thought that Muzak would ever file for bankruptcy protection! What a cruel world we live in.

According to,  the company we love to hate, the company that takes songs we all know and makes them sound alike, the company that pumps music into stores, elevators and dentist’s offices is in debt.

Although this has nothing to do with marketing your music, sometimes things happen in the music world that move me so much, I have to write about them.

I cannot imagine a world without Muzak.  It’s the music you love to hate.  Yet, I have to admit that I’d rather hear muzak than Billy Joel while having my tooth drilled anytime.

I remember hearing a Muzak version of a David Bowie song in Macy’s and came to the sad realization that his cool Thin White Duke days were over.  Then, there was the day I heard the Muzak rendition of ‘Anarchy In The UK.’  Ahhh, good times.

One of the founders of Muzak went to a small liberal arts college in the south and not only donated a pool, but had it wired so that the swimmers and divers could hear Muzak while they were under water. How fab. is that!  And now the whole company may be drowning and sinking in it’s own sad song of debt.

So Muzak, if you’re listening, we here at Music Marketing Center wish you well and that you emerge from bankruptcy protection rocking and rolling once again.  We can’t wait to hear continued Muzak versions of the newest most popular songs. And if I may, I would like to make a request for you to give your special treatment… “My Life Would Suck Without You.”

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