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Live Nation, Ticketmaster and Your Local Music Club

The big news in the music industry these days is the upcoming merger between Live Nation and Ticketmaster.  Seems they want to merge and control about 80% of the live music industry.  Those 2 companies control most of the major acts, many of the big venues, and the ticket distribution.  They even control a lot of the merchandise for the bigger music artists.

As my dear friend, Alfred E. Newman would say, “What, Me Worry?”  People are saying it is going to kill the small venues.  Bull.  It may end up giving indie artists and clubs a big shot in the arm.  Music has been about rebelling against ‘the man’ since before that term was even coined.  Rock and Roll is all about being a rebel.  The big bullies aren’t going to be able to stop small clubs from letting the exciting new bands play there, and charge an admission price that is 10% of the Ticketron Nation.  Or even free so they can sell more beer.

Let the old farts play at the big venues, charge $500 per ticket, and make all the money they want.  Yeah, it might be harder to see the Stones or Springsteen, but it might just revitalize the music scene.  As far as a monopoly… that will only last as long as the listening public remain sheep and follow the corporate decisions of who they should like. 

Unfortunately, most people are mindless sheep and will follow whoever instructs them with the loudest voice.  But, should they ever wake up, and start listening to new music and enjoying the music rather than following peer pressure, that monopoly will fold and collapse.  And then, all the bands that became popular through grassroots movements will move up the ladder and fill those big halls.

Of course, then some other monopoly may take control again and ruin things, but music has always come in waves.  Let’s just ride this one out and see what beach has the best music.

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