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Can the Music of U2 Save Myspace?

In case you haven’t noticed (or simply don’t care), Myspace has been losing ground to other social networking sites, especially Facebook.

Several years ago, the thing that really pushed Myspace into the major leagues was that it was a great place for bands to show themselves off.  A couple of the big tours connected themselves with Myspace, and the popularity of the bands is what got people to try out the service.

With it’s recently launched Myspace Music, they are trying to become the biggest seller of music online.  Will it work?  I sort of doubt it. But, they are trying.  Right now, you can listen to U2’s new album on Myspace Music.  It’s the only place it is available until March 3.  And, you can’t even buy it yet, you can only listen to it while streaming.  You can add it to a playlist, but no legal downloads yet.

U2 may be the biggest band in the world right now.  They are certainly in the top 10.  It will be interesting to see if this exclusive release will make much difference to Myspace.  In any case, are you on Myspace?  Are you actively updating your profile there and staying in contact with your fans?  You should be.  Even with slipping in the ratings, Myspace still caters in a lot of ways to bands, and there are still millions and millions of users who go there all the time.

Yes, Myspace may be sooooooo 2007, but it is still hanging in like Gunga Din, and if you are ignoring it, you are ignoring a large chunk of possible fans.

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