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Selling Your Music On Amazon

Amazon is like the elephant in the room.  You may not want to acknowledge its presence, but it’s there. Don’t ignore it, use it to sell your music.

Amazon has a feature called the “advantage program.” You will find it on their home page. When you click on the link, it will send you to a page that lists all of their advantage programs. Click on “Advantage for Music.”

The down side is that they take a whopping 55% of the price of your CD. Although you set your own price, it still means that you are only making a 45% profit. It is high, but do it anyway.  Why? Because as we’ve said in other articles at,, at this moment the money is not in the sale of records it’s in performing live and merchandise. Having your music on Amazon will probably not make you a ton of bucks, but it will get your name out there.  And remember, if you were selling through a traditional label, you’d be really lucky to get 15%.

The advantage program costs $29.95 per year to join. There are no contracts so you are free to sell your music anywhere and through anyone else you want. They also give you your own web page. If you want to give away a free mp3 of a song for people to test drive your music, you can do that too. You can check your sales and stock and add titles.

They will take as little as two CDs to start. You pay for the shipping to get them to Amazon. When your inventory starts running low, they will send you an e-mail telling you to send more. You are paid at the end of the month.

If your record isn’t quite finished, you can still enroll and they will put a “Pre-Order button” on your page.

You also need a bar code on your CD that can be scanned. If you don’t have one or if you need to manufacture your CD, Amazon has a company called createspace that will do it for you.  There are also some third parties that help you get your own barcode for around $20.

You want to sell your music on as many sites as possible and Amazon should be added to your list. It is especially good for musicians starting out because it’s an established site that takes care of the tedious business stuff such as compiling stats, shipping your CD and processing credit cards. It’s enrollment form is very easy to fill out. For a few bucks, it’s really a no brainer way to sell your music.

Besides, the next time someone asks you if they can buy your music, what’s going to make them think of you as a star?  Saying ‘Oh, OK, let me go home and get one and the next time I see you, you can give me the $15′ or… ‘Sure, just go to Amazon and order it.’

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