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Is Marketing Your Music a Game? Maybe It Should Be…

When is marketing your music a game? When you decide to integrate a game into your music marketing, of course.  The band Fall Out Boy are playing with their fans by integrating all kinds of references to their new album on an online game version of the old classic game ‘The Oregon Trail.’  Finish by a certain date, win a prize.  Along the way, fans will not only have fun playing, but they will hear the new album streaming, see tour dates, and be immersed in a world filled with Fall Out Boy.

You can check out the Fall Out Boy game at

While bands have been integrated into games for years, this one is sponsored by the band specifically to promote their new album.  It isn’t a game company who wants music to go with their game, and it isn’t Garage Band making a game out of the music.  This is just a pure promotional device.  I’m sure this is going to get more popular all the time.

So, what can you do similar?  You can make something fun on a website for your fans that displays you, your music, and your tour dates also.  Maybe something like a scavenger hunt… plant your songs in different places on social media, blogs, websites all over the net.  There are plenty of free resources for this.  Anyone submitting a list of the items and where they were found gets a prize.  That’s just one possibility.  Brainstorm for a few minutes and I’m sure you can come up with some nutty but fun online promotion for your band.  And once you set it up, promote it like it’s the greatest idea since sliced bread.

The possibilities for promoting your band are endless.  It just takes a little thought to come up with an idea, and then, a lot of work to implement it.

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