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Is Marketing Your Music a Game? Maybe It Should Be…

When is marketing your music a game? When you decide to integrate a game into your music marketing, of course.  The band Fall Out Boy are playing with their fans by integrating all kinds of references to their new album on an online game version of the old classic game...

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Being an Opening Act Promotes Your Music

There’s been a debate for years about whether it’s a good idea to open for an A list band or for any band. There are few reasons musicians don’t like to be the opening act. First of all, you rarely get a sound check, so unless the soundman is really...

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5 Current Trends in Music

To get your career moving, you have to be aware of the trends in music. We don’t mean what type of music is selling or what type of clothes you should wear. We’re talking about trends in the music marketplace. This will help you decide the best way to market...

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