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Selling Your Music On Amazon

Amazon is like the elephant in the room.  You may not want to acknowledge its presence, but it’s there. Don’t ignore it, use it to sell your music. Amazon has a feature called the “advantage program.” You will find it on their home page. When you click on the link,...

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Being an Opening Act Promotes Your Music

There’s been a debate for years about whether it’s a good idea to open for an A list band or for any band. There are few reasons musicians don’t like to be the opening act. First of all, you rarely get a sound check, so unless the soundman is really...

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5 Current Trends in Music

To get your career moving, you have to be aware of the trends in music. We don’t mean what type of music is selling or what type of clothes you should wear. We’re talking about trends in the music marketplace. This will help you decide the best way to market...

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Using Controversy To Promote Your Music

What have you done? Is there something in your past that made you notorious and that’s keeping you from being famous? Something that you’re trying to keep quiet and you’re afraid that a journalist will discover it? Whatever it is, don’t shy away from it; they’re going to find it...

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What the Heck Do Tour Managers Do For Musicians?

Putting together the details of a tour can suck... big time.  There are lots of details that you have to pay attention to like making sure everything is ready to go wherever you’re playing, dealing with hotels, food and transportation and making sure everyone shows up for the gig and...

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