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Archive for 'protect your music' Category

Arghhh! Those Darn Pirates Stole My Songs!!!

Everyday there is another story about the record labels losing their fight against piracy and file sharing.   Not so long ago, copyrights on music didn’t last that long.  A few years, and it was done.  Then, publishers got lawmakers to change the rules in their favor.  For almost the last...

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Written Any Songs Lately? You Are Going To Be Sued!

Songwriter?  Then, get ready!  You are about to be sued. Did you notice my mention of the company Auditude in the post about Myspace a few days ago?  They index songs sort of like Google indexes web pages.  They grab them off websites, examine them, and then look to see...

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Copyright Your Music… or Else!

Before you even think of promoting your music, you should copyright it. It’s cheap, it’s simple and you could even lose a lot of cash and fame if you don’t. Musicians thought they could get away without copyrighting their music by doing something called a poor man’s copyright. When I...

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