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Using Controversy To Promote Your Music

What have you done? Is there something in your past that made you notorious and that’s keeping you from being famous? Something that you’re trying to keep quiet and you’re afraid that a journalist will discover it? Whatever it is, don’t shy away from it; they’re going to find it...

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Make Your Fans Sing A Happy Song

Do you sell your music in any form? When someone buys anything from you, how can you overdeliver on the purchase so that they aren’t just happy, they are delighted? When someone buys one of your songs, send them a sticker with your band’s name on it. If they buy...

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Copyright Your Music… or Else!

Before you even think of promoting your music, you should copyright it. It’s cheap, it’s simple and you could even lose a lot of cash and fame if you don’t. Musicians thought they could get away without copyrighting their music by doing something called a poor man’s copyright. When I...

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What the Heck Do Tour Managers Do For Musicians?

Putting together the details of a tour can suck... big time.  There are lots of details that you have to pay attention to like making sure everything is ready to go wherever you’re playing, dealing with hotels, food and transportation and making sure everyone shows up for the gig and...

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Should You Promote Your Music 365 Days a Year?

Promoted your music lately?  Here we are, 3 weeks into the new year, and what the heck have you done?  Are you ready to get your music career going? Then what are you waiting for? Guess what... do nothing, and that’s exactly what you’ll get back.  If you want to...

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How To Promote Your Music On YouTube

Have you ever seen a music video on YouTube?  I’ll bet you have.  How many of your songs have you posted on Youtube?  It’s really simple to do.  Just think about it... it has to be easy.  If it was hard to do, there wouldn’t be tens of thousands of...

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Podcasts: What Are They and How To Promote Yourself With Them

Podcasts are a great way to get your music heard. Just in case you don’t know what a podcast is (which I have a hard time believing especially if you’re reading this blog post) it’s like a radio show that appeals to a specific audience. Instead of listening to it...

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