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Live Nation, Ticketmaster and Your Local Music Club

The big news in the music industry these days is the upcoming merger between Live Nation and Ticketmaster.  Seems they want to merge and control about 80% of the live music industry.  Those 2 companies control most of the major acts, many of the big venues, and the ticket distribution. ...

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Using Controversy To Promote Your Music

What have you done? Is there something in your past that made you notorious and that’s keeping you from being famous? Something that you’re trying to keep quiet and you’re afraid that a journalist will discover it? Whatever it is, don’t shy away from it; they’re going to find it...

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Make Your Fans Sing A Happy Song

Do you sell your music in any form? When someone buys anything from you, how can you overdeliver on the purchase so that they aren’t just happy, they are delighted? When someone buys one of your songs, send them a sticker with your band’s name on it. If they buy...

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Should You Promote Your Music 365 Days a Year?

Promoted your music lately?  Here we are, 3 weeks into the new year, and what the heck have you done?  Are you ready to get your music career going? Then what are you waiting for? Guess what... do nothing, and that’s exactly what you’ll get back.  If you want to...

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Marketing your music like Scrooge?

Christmas music is in the air.  Marketing everything in sight.  People will be out at the malls, singing, shopping, and spending money even as the world economy collapses.  People are making and spending money left and right.  So, shouldn’t you get in on the action?  Sell your music to the...

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Get Out There And Promote Your Band’s Gig

There is some leg work in promoting your show, but there are plenty of ways that are easy and low cost. Contact local newspapers, web sites, radio and TV stations in your area and tell them about your gigs. Ask if you can give them an interview. Here’s a little...

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