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Can the Music of U2 Save Myspace?

In case you haven’t noticed (or simply don’t care), Myspace has been losing ground to other social networking sites, especially Facebook. Several years ago, the thing that really pushed Myspace into the major leagues was that it was a great place for bands to show themselves off.  A couple of...

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Being an Opening Act Promotes Your Music

There’s been a debate for years about whether it’s a good idea to open for an A list band or for any band. There are few reasons musicians don’t like to be the opening act. First of all, you rarely get a sound check, so unless the soundman is really...

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Should You Promote Your Music 365 Days a Year?

Promoted your music lately?  Here we are, 3 weeks into the new year, and what the heck have you done?  Are you ready to get your music career going? Then what are you waiting for? Guess what... do nothing, and that’s exactly what you’ll get back.  If you want to...

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How To Promote Your Music On YouTube

Have you ever seen a music video on YouTube?  I’ll bet you have.  How many of your songs have you posted on Youtube?  It’s really simple to do.  Just think about it... it has to be easy.  If it was hard to do, there wouldn’t be tens of thousands of...

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Podcasts: What Are They and How To Promote Yourself With Them

Podcasts are a great way to get your music heard. Just in case you don’t know what a podcast is (which I have a hard time believing especially if you’re reading this blog post) it’s like a radio show that appeals to a specific audience. Instead of listening to it...

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Marketing your music like Scrooge?

Christmas music is in the air.  Marketing everything in sight.  People will be out at the malls, singing, shopping, and spending money even as the world economy collapses.  People are making and spending money left and right.  So, shouldn’t you get in on the action?  Sell your music to the...

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